The C2E accreditation has been achieved by over 2000 organisations.  Initially launched in 2006, C2E is the only SFEDI accredited Equality and Diversity standard.  80% of organisations achieve accreditation in 8 weeks and 92% in 12 weeks. 

These timeframes can be met even if the client has no Equality and Diversity material in place at the outset as all tools and materials can be provided by C2E. Typically there are about 15 man-hours of time that the internal champion needs to allocate to the accreditation process. 

C2E is not expecting that in 8-12 weeks the organisation will have achieved a complete culture change, but rather that it is embarking upon a journey to bring about cultural change.  There is provision for continuous improvement and an expectation that the accredited organisation will undertake to adopt such a strategy.


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