Of course we’re going to say Accreditation is wonderful, aren't we? To be absolutely honest it depends what you, and the accrediting body, want to achieve.


We are now delivering "Committed to Equality - C2E" to many businesses large and small. And yes, as you'd expect, with a diversity accreditation, our customer base is diverse. Indeed, one of our largest clients asked us earlier this year what a typical C2E Accredited Company was like, and we were really stumped for a day or two. Bear in mind we have micro-businesses, SME's, Third Sector and PLC's employing thousands - and then it struck one of the Sales Team.


Without exception they were nice places to visit.


Now we are not for one minute suggesting that having an accreditation makes an organisation, rather an organisation creates the culture for an accreditation to succeed.

If you have accreditations already then you are aware of their value, but if you are dipping your toe in the water or looking for new awards take look at this checklist to help you decide:


  1. What do you want the accreditation to achieve? Is it telling your customers you are good to do business with, or to attract new staff with the idea that you're a good employer? Or something else.
  2. Is it something you HAVE to have to be able to trade in a certain sector, and is there a way to differentiate you from your competitors - or indeed is having the award enough of a differentiator in itself?
  3. Is ROI important? And how do you measure it? ACAS reported that losing one member of staff can cost £30,000 to replace in terms of skill lost, recruitment cost and training cost. So if you can cut staff turnover by being a good place to work, and indeed attract the best staff in the first place, you're going to improve your bottom line
  4. Is the Accreditation relevant to you? It's a product like anything else and an ethical business will always turn you away if the product isn't right for you.
  5. Is the Accreditation widely known? Ask those already accredited what they think. Have they had value for money? Is the Accrediting Company governed by an Association or Regulatory Body?

Accreditation ISN'T for everyone, but in our experience both as a deliverer and an end user if chosen wisely and implemented honestly it's a valuable business tool.


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