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About us

With a passion for making a difference in various industries, breaking down racism, sexism and discrimination in all areas of the workplace, Richard Gilbert created The Equilibrium Network in 2010. His goal was to develop a team of specialists that could help businesses transition into progressive leaders that inspire their diverse teams to grow, collaborate and flourish!

We now have a number of freelance specialists available to offer training and auditing services, whilst Richard is still very much involved in our C2E services, helping companies become “Committed 2 Equality” and a champion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. The Equilibrium Network also helps ensure companies across all industries are fully compliant with The Equality Act 2010 and The Disability Act 2010. We also commit to regular client support with face-to-face training sessions or conference calls to ensure they remain compliant and adhere to the criteria set out by the C2E accreditation.

Over the years, we’ve built and nurtured relationships with high profile clients, including the Financial Ombudsmen, offering strategic advice to help develop the skills needed to manage equality and diversity practices in a responsible manner. Our additional services include consultancy, training, goal mapping and copywriting, so if you’re interested in one or a few of our services, we recommend you request your free Health Check from The Equilibrium Network by messaging us or calling +44 (0)1767 261160. We can then learn more about the complex challenges you’re currently facing and help you lead the way as an innovative and progressive leader.

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