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The Equilibrium Network has developed a range of training programmes for small and large organisations, helping them nurture diversity in their workplace, leading to more productivity, unleashed creativity, more perspectives, and overall just a better culture. We offer bespoke training on Equality and Diversity issues tailored to our clients' needs, but our passion for breaking down discrimination in the workplace is deeply embedded in our training sessions, whether they are face-to-face, conference calls or video calls.

Training can be completed in-house and is also popular as an "away day" for staff. As an optional part of our service we run a training session (1/2 day) called “Diversity in the Workplace” which raises awareness of diversity issues and it can be used by the client to train other staff members – as The Equilibrium Network will relinquish the intellectual property rights (IPR) and allow the client to label the training as their own.

What does our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Training include?

The scope of our programmes can vary depending on the type of organisation, but we generally start out by looking at the Equality Act 2010, ensuring our clients understand their legal duties, as well as each of the protected characteristics, including race, culture, sex, gender, sexuality and mobility. We will also look close at Equality, Diversity & Inclusion to develop a strong understanding of each, which will therefore lead to us highlighting appropriate and inappropriate behaviours and actions in the workplace. For businesses to thrive in the 21st century, they must understand the needs of their employees and create a workplace that’s respectful. We’ll teach you how to flourish with a diverse team, whilst helping you construct a strategy for embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for now, and the future.

If you’d like to learn more about our training plans or wish to claim your free Health Check, please contact The Equilibrium Network today.

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