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Becoming Accredited as a C2E Organisation

With The Equilibrium Network as your trusted C2E Accreditor, we can help your organisation positively influence beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and conduct towards issues surrounding equality, diversity and inclusion. Our customer base is varied and includes major construction firms as well as leading organisations like the Financial Ombudsman. Our C2E services are tailored to meet our clients’ needs and we’ll always start out by learning more about your requirements before we give our honest opinion on the areas you need help with.

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What are the benefits of being C2E certified?

Achieving a C2E award is a huge step, but it doesn’t make an organisation. We can help you create the culture for an accreditation to succeed. Let’s say you choose to work with us and become a recognised ‘Committed 2 Equality’ employer, you’ll obviously reduce the risks and costs of non-compliance, but we’re not just looking to help you meet your obligations. Our goal is to open your business to new ways of thinking. Businesses can’t grow if every individual in the team thinks the same, acts the same and has the same interests. Diversity is healthy and by achieving this leading diversity and equality award, you’ll see your staff members feel more empowered, promote creativity, maintain an inclusive workplace and inspire member of staff to bring more of what makes them unique to work.

If you’re interested in learning how your business can continue on the path to growth with the help of an equality and diversity accreditation, here are a few questions worth answering initially.

  • What do you want the accreditation to achieve?
  • Is it something you need to be able to trade in a certain sector, and is there a way to differentiate you from your competitors?
  • Is having the award enough of a differentiator in itself?
  • Is ROI important, and how do you measure it?
  • Is the Accreditation widely known? Ask those already accredited what they think. Have they had value for money?

Accreditation is not for everyone, but in our experience (both as a deliverer and an end user) if chosen wisely and implemented honestly it's a valuable business tool. According to ACAS, replacing an employee costs £30,000 when you weigh up the skill lost, recruitment cost and the training cost. All of our clients have grown to create workplaces that are happy, productive, inspiring and inclusive, helping them not only cut staff turnover but continue to attract the best staff in their industry. The Equilibrium Network can also help you become a global leader, improving all levels and areas of your business. So to learn more about this accreditation and how we can help you achieve it, please contact us today.

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