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C2E - An Introduction

C2E (Committed 2 Equality) is a National Equality Standard that has been formed to help businesses “reach their equality potential and demonstrate their equality and diversity working practices.” Initially launched in 2006, the C2E accreditation is the only SFEDI accredited Equality and Diversity standard.

What is the C2E goal?

Regardless of your company size or the sector you operate in, if you can learn to fully embrace good working equality practices, you can play a major part in eradicating prejudicial behaviour whilst employing fairly in your organisation, having a positive impact on your employees and the community. Committed 2 Equality is a not for profit organisation and we’re one of the rare few nationally licensed C2E Accreditation providers. Our aim is to help businesses open doors to new ideas and opportunities, as well as new ways of thinking, so it’s not just a case of ensuring all employees have access to the same opportunities. We want to go further and help you attract and retain hardworking, highly skilled employees, whilst driving your business toward sustainable growth in an ever-evolving marketplace.

How long does it take to become “C2E Certified”?

It’s known that 80% of organisations achieve accreditation in 8 weeks and 92% in 12 weeks. These timeframes can be met even if you have absolutely no equality and diversity material in place because all tools and materials can be provided by C2E. Typically there are about 15 man-hours of time that you will need to allocate to the accreditation process; however, in just 8 or 12 weeks we’re not expecting your business to achieve a complete culture change.

This period is merely the start of a proactive strategy to drive culture change and workplace diversity. It’s important to look at a C2E accreditation with continuous improvement in mind to dramatically increase the diversity and inclusion skills of your teams moving forwards. Today, it’s no longer enough to meet basic standards; we help progressive companies play a major role in paving the way for the future of diversity.

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