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Other Services

In addition to our wide range of C2E services, we also provide a variety of supplementary services to our highly valued clients, including business consultancy, training and copywriting. Each of these services can play a major role in increasing customer retention, enhancing customer experience and ensuring complete customer satisfaction, and you can learn more about each of these services in more detail below.


We understand that every business faces unique and complex challenges, so whether you’re looking to deliver behavioural changes in the workplace, preparing for economic change, responding to the changes technology brings or require training that makes use of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), we can offer consultancy services to help you face your problems head on.

We firmly believe that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are vital to the success of companies and organisations in the 21st Century, and we can use this passion in all areas of business, finding creative ways to proactively help you bring in new business and improve customer service. We have experience in a huge range of industries, from education to construction, finance, manufacturing, government, medical and sport, so our dependable team is best placed to ease your business over any hurdles you’re currently facing.

Business Training

No matter how small, large or complex your organisation is, we can provide bespoke training on equality and diversity issues. We can teach you how to maximise the benefits of highly diverse teams whilst educating you on your company’s legal responsibilities regarding equality and inclusion, and the potential consequences of non-compliance with such policies. As an experienced training provider, we can tailor your training programme to cover the aspects that are most important to your business, whether that be increasing productivity, future-proofing your business or motivating employees to collaborate.


Our copywriting services are ideal for businesses that are looking to reach more prospective customers, develop trust, build brand recognition or find a voice. Our experienced team of copywriters can assist you with all aspects of the written word, online and offline, whilst we’re highly trained in producing long and short copy. Whether you need a sharp yet emotive advert produced, authoritative lengthy content for your blog or a masterful slogan for your glossy brochure, we’d love to hear from you.

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