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How does flexible or remote working impact diversity?

So we are starting to realise that it IS possible to work from home and Virtual Meetings, Webinars and Training are becoming the norm. We’re now on our way to adjusting to this new way of life.
And I don’t think there’s any way back.


I’m working from home tomorrow………yeah, right

If you’re a fan of Ken Bruce on Radio 2, as I am, you’ll know that he’s well known for a few things. He chairs the best Pop Quiz in the World - “Pop Master”- every day at 10.30am, he collects and drives buses, is the first into the Pub and the last at the Bar and has a healthy suspicion of anyone who tells him they’re” working from home” when they call/write in.


So with your uncertainty and my uncertainty there’s certainly a certain degree of uncertainty about……of that we can be quite……quite sure

To be fair if “Dealing with Uncertainty” was an Olympic Sport (assuming the damn thing is going ahead in Japan later this year) the UK could be quite confident of its medal prospects.


The Impact of Workplace Bullying on the Future of Your Company

At one point or another it’s likely that you’ve felt somewhat put down, humiliated or unwelcome, whether that’s online or in person. I know I certainly have, after an encounter with a Facebook friend a few years ago which resulted in a hairy exchange of words and led to me blocking someone for the first time ever.

As we all know, the world of social media is a powerful place. However, it seems people rarely stop to ask themselves whether they’d be inclined to say the very thing they’re so happy to write from behind a screen, to someone in person.

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